JO Rules on Facebook!

facebook-meh-button-500Gonna try something new here… in the interest of making it easier for folks to chime in, tell sea stories, call me a delusional asshole or whatever… and yes, to have more exposure within the JO community, I’m gonna try the Facebook thing and see if it works out.

So, we’ve got our own fan page here… you can use it to comment on posts, provide your own advice, present your unique insight on abortion, creationism in public schools, or Glenn Beck, post pictures of your kids, or whatever other antisocial behavior compels you. As I understand it, if you “like” the page, future posts will show up in your news feed. JO Rules content is guaranteed to be less horrible than at least 50% of your Facebook news feed, necessarily improving your Facebook experience. You can always “unfollow” us if its too much.

So here’s the deal- if you think JO Rules makes a useful contribution to the dialogue, please help me out by “liking” the page and/or sharing with your friends.

Standing by for feedback or suggestions.


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