JO Rules is a completely unofficial collection of advice for Junior Officers new to the U.S. Navy. The material here is free for anyone who might find it useful.

Ensign 101
The Intro Letter
Get Qualified!
Write Stuff Down

DIVO Basic
Your First Division
Fake It ’til you Become It

The Check-In Interview
Respect Deadlines
Follow Through
Love the References

Trite but True
A Message to Garcia
You Get What You Inspect
Perception is Reality
It WILL get better… Maybe

Leadership via E-mail
Using PowerPoint
How to Brief
Talk Like a Spartan
Communicate the Big Picture

Four Powerful Gestures
If You’re Not Sure Who’s In Charge….
Expect Integrity
Every Sailor is a Lifer

Character > Career
Yield the Spotlight
To be Loved or Feared
Fix It
Yes, it’s Your Fault

The Deep End
Stop Complaining
Skeptical ≠ Cynical
Manage Your Emotions
Develop a Thick Skin
Refine the Solution
The Warrior Philosophy

Boss Management
Bring Me a Rock
Keep Your Boss Informed
Make the Bad Ideas Good
Reflecting on the Damn Exec

DIVO Advanced
Ask Why Five Times
Writing Evals
Train Effectively
When You Shouldn’t Multitask
Fight the Distant Fight

Practical Tips

Talking to Ships
Classes for Nothing and Degrees for Free
Knowledge (That’s What I Want)
Transfer Your G.I. Bill

The Senior JO
Crush Entitlement
Share Your Experiences
Give Great Checkouts

Resist Administrative Growth
The Vortex
Why Stay In?

Red Flags of Stupid
Bad Advice
Myth of the Kinder, Gentler Navy
Advice for the Female JOs
Success as a Flag Aide
Some Words For The Cadre
Learn How to Invest
The Prior Dilemma

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